WorkMovr is our Caspio Application Template and code library. WorkMovr is the product of several thousand hours of WorkMovr internal development.

As much as possible, our objective is that WorkMovr and our clients work from our established and tested code, rather than incurring the time, expense, and risk of coding everything from scratch.

​WorkMovr gives Caspio customers a working application that covers most of the popularly-requested business functions. Each WorkMovr feature is an independent component that can be retrofitted to existing Caspio implementations.
WorkMovr is supplied free of charge to WorkMovr clients, for their unlimited internal use. You just pay for our installation time.

Clients New to Caspio​

​Request a complete demo of WorkMovr and use WorkMovr as a foundation for your application.

Established ​Caspio Clients

Review WorkMovr with us and select the features that you think might be useful to retrofit, or see how these capabilities may be adapted you your needs.


Our WorkMovr library is free to our clients, and includes:

  • Multi-Tenant, Multi-Channel Operation
  • Data-driven, Role-based Menus
  • Email, SMS, WhatsApp Messages
  • Maps on Everything
  • Payment Gateways
  • Single Logon
  • Comments on all Entities
  • Videos, Pictures, and Documents
  • Full International Language
  • Basic Entity Management


“Caspio” is a Registered Trademark of Caspio, Inc., Santa Clara, California, USA