About WorkMovr

We were in your position five years ago, when we started as a Caspio customer. After a few weeks of experimentation, we felt we had a good understanding of Caspio’s capabilities. We produced a high-volume television-oriented application for our own use. Caspio used us as a Video Case Study on its website.

Please watch our Caspio Case Study nostalgia video on the right.

Caspio’s “Proven Stuff” worked so well that we have been involved with Caspio ever since. 

We only work with Caspio implementations and are entirely biased toward Caspio.

WorkMovr is one of the very few US-Based corporations providing comprehensive third-party Caspio development and consulting. WorkMovr is a team of Caspio Developers Certified by Caspio. 

We have a talented staff of computer scientists, engineers, and MBAs, with advanced degrees from the world’s best universities.

WorkMovr has extensive experience in all aspects of Caspio programming as Caspio Developers. We routinely work with these Caspio aspects and capabilities:

  • Consulting on the best approach for using Caspio in your organization
  • The basic setup, data tables, menus, and authentication
  • Combining Caspio with Amazon AWS to use AWS components and capabilities
  • Creating Native Mobile Apps using Caspio and Ionic Native Mobile Apps.
  • Adding outbound/inbound SMS, email, chat, and outbound voice calling to Caspio
  • Caspio APIs to external services such as Plaid, ACH, Twilio, Experian, FedEx, etc.
  • Full payment processing through Stripe, with Periodic Subscriptions, Coupons, etc.
  • Expensive media management for images, videos, Excel, Word, and PDF files
  • Complete geography presentation with maps, distance search, driving times, routes, etc.
  • Import and export of data to and from Caspio
  • International Language presentation
  • Difficult JavaScript, Triggered Actions, Scheduled Tasks, and Asynchronous Processes

We have an operational vanilla Caspio configuration that we supply at no charge to jump-start your project. This library includes all the features mentioned above.

Please, Contact Us to talk about your Caspio projects.

WorkMovr and Upwork, Caspio Developer
WorkMovr - Upwork - Caspio Developer